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Franken -Org

In the Reich book, Shift and Reset, I was responsible for reading Chapter 10.  It was titled, “Franken-Org”, and was quite an interesting read.  There were basic principles given if you were trying to become a Franken-Org and they are as follows: Choicest Elements – highest performing individuals and teams, most impressive capabilities, most compelling … Continue reading

Ethics and Health Care

Change behavior versus Right to Choose.  Ethics, when it comes to health care, can be a touchy subject.  The First Lady, Michelle Obama,  started a campaign called “Let’s Move” as a way to fight childhood obesity in the United States.   This initiative is meant to raise awareness about what is happening in our society … Continue reading

Propaganda and P.R.

The definition of Propaganda as discussed in class  is the organized attempt through communication to affect belief or action or inculcate attitudes in a large audience in ways that circumvent or suppress an individuals  adequately informed, rational , reflective, judgement. The use of propaganda is usually associated with military recruitment or support.  There are even … Continue reading


Ethics in Practice was something discussed in class.  According to the Poynter Institute there are 3 levels of decision making. Gut Reaction: Trust your instincts.  Rule Obedience: Set a rule and follow it.  Examples would be, we don’t cover suicides or we never show blood. Reflection and Reasoning: Most rules are guidelines and you should … Continue reading

Citizen Journalists

In the age of social media it seems as though everyone considers themselves a journalist.  People are sharing their accounts of a story in 140 characters or less and snapping pictures of the event while it is happening.   This is a situation that can create a lot of problems.  There is a chance of … Continue reading

chapter 10 notes

Defining Small Groups (Chapter 10 in Ethics and Communications)  The minimum size of a group is 3 people this creates the possibility of majority-minority splits, potential competition for attention, and changes the fundamental nature of the social unit.  A few requirements include the following: that every group member have a sense of every other member’s … Continue reading

Marshall McLuhan

My presentation this evening is on Marshall McLuhan, who is quite an interesting gentleman.  I found myself watching video after video of this man speaking.  Some of his stuff is still a bit over my head, but some of it was also extremely fascinating.  So much so that I figured I would share some video … Continue reading